Miss Boatfield has been having a think about some fun Design and Technology projects that you could complete whilst at home.  Have a look at the links below for some great ideas.


Bake Off:

Do you have expert baking skills?  Could your baking win a competition?  Have a look at this idea which tells you how to create your own Bake Off competition within your home.  Click here for more information.


Build your own classroom:

If you love making models, have a look at this information sheet to gather some ideas for how to make a model of your classroom.  Click here.

If you'd rather not build your classroom, but you'd like to make a model of a room in your house, then that is fine too.


Lego Challenge:

We know how many of you love to build and to create with Lego.  So, Miss Boatfield has found this 30 day challenge with ideas of things to create.  See how many you can complete.  To access the challenge, click here.



Our caterers, Independent Catering, have been keeping busy by cooking at home, some with their children.  Please see the link to their website (http://www.independentcatering.co.uk) - you may like to look at the 'Chef's Zone'.  Here, there are lots of videos of the chef's making healthy recipes that you could try at home. 

Please also see the two YouTube links below where you can see some more tasty and healthy recipes.

Bread Rolls:

Banana Cupcakes: