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Friday 5th February 2016

Positive Action

Dear Parents,

We at Repton Manor are excited about a new programme we will teach this year. The programme is Positive Action, a curriculum to enhance selfconcept. Self-concept is described as the way we feel about ourselves. Positive Action teaches that when we act in positive ways, our self-concepts improve. The programme seeks to promote total wellness, competency and healthy lifestyles i.n each of our children. Children who feel good about themselves (have a positive self-concept) are more self-disciplined, get along better with others and have more motivation. This means children (your sons and daughters) will be healthier, more responsible and happier.

Positive Action is not just a set of slogans for 'positive thinking' . The programme was created by Dr. Carol Gerber Allred, a dedicated educator, administrator and writer. As a teacher and parent, she realised that children do better in school and at home when they feel good about themselves. She developed Positive Action upon those convictions. First launched in 1981, the programme has since received the enthusiastic endorsement of students, teachers, administrators and parents in the U.S. and U.K.

At Repton Manor, we are strongly committed to academic excellence. We know that children with poor self-concepts often underperform and lack motivation, social skills and self-confidence. Their academic progress is likely to suffer because they do not see themselves as successful students. Statistics show that children with poor self-concepts are far more likely to suffer greater problems as teenagers and adults.

We believe that Positive Action will compliment the time and energy our staff spend every day with your child. Positive Action reinforces basic skills and teaches personal and social responsibility. Students will learn how friends and family influence their self-concept. They will discover how their own thoughts and actions contribute to how they feel about themselves. 

Every child in the school will study the same Positive Action concepts, but each year group follows its own curriculum, with activities, stories, projects and discussions written specifically for children that age.

During the year, you will hear about some special Positive Action activities. For example:

  • Positive Action Awards (stickers, tokens, certificates and others) reinforce positive behaviours. These will be given in assemblies, classrooms, the lunch room, on the playground and nearly every other school setting.
  • Monthly all-school Positive Action Assemblies (with awards, singing and stories).
  • Positive Action news highlighting Positive Action activities in the classroom and all around the school.
  • Special in-class activities, including talent shows and surprise gifts.

Your child will bring home activity sheets, drawings, notebooks and various other materials. We hope you will look at these carefully and use these opportunities to encourage your child's positive behaviour and growth. Your interest and support will help your child get the most out of Positive Action.

You can learn more about the programme and receive some helpful ideas on how you as a parent can build self-esteem in your children. A Positive Action Parent Handbook, also prepared by Dr. Allred and her team of gifted writers, is available through the school office for your use, but is by no means required.

Mr Matt Rawling

Term 3 dates for your diary:

Parents' Evening - 10th February 2016
Term Ends - Friday, 1 ih February 2016
Term 4 Starts - Monday 22nd February 2016

Parents' Evening

Please remember Parent's Evening on Wednesday, 10th February 2016. Class booking sheets can be found in the school office. If however, you are unable to come into the school, please do not hesitate to contact the office for assistance on 01233 777307 or

Term Assembly dates for your diary:

Year 2 (Bengal) Assembly - Friday, 5th February 2016
Year 2 (Siberian) Assembly - Friday, 1 ih February 2016

Parent Focus Group Meeting

The next Parent Focus Group meeting is being held on Friday, 4th March 2016. Wayne Wills, the Chair of Governors and Kayleigh Simpson will be attending and the format will run as in previous meetings. These are always extremely well supported by our families and we find this to be a very useful community feedback opportunity.

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