Fun GPS games and acitivities for you to do at home.

Mrs Cutts has written these instructions for how to play Wordcraft for you - click here.

Click here for a game to help you learn how to spell high freqency words.

Click here for a "follow me" GPS card game.

Click here for some word puzzles.


Online resources

For some online games for Key Stage 1 children - click here.

For some online games for Key Stage 2 children - click here.

If you would like to play some other online GPS games - click here.


Resources for parents

If you would like to know the spelling for your child's year group please click on their year group below:

High frequency words

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

If you would like a glossary of the terms that your child might be learning about - click here.