PE Challenges

For our PE home learning, your teacher will set you a weekly challenge that can be completed at home. These tasks can be done with items from around the house and should not require any special equipment or a particularly large space. Many of the tasks involve a little bit of competition where you can set a personal best and compare it with your classmates, friends and family members. Please let us know which challenges you enjoy most and share your Personal Best attempt in your Google Classroom. Good luck and have fun keeping fit!
Ms Bashford

Please be aware that these video links are from YouTube, when a video finishes a new video or advert will start automatically. We ask that parents are mindful that these video's or adverts may not be age approprirate

Lesson 1 – Coordination and Ball Skills
Lesson 2 – Footwork Patterns
Lesson 3 – Throwing for Accuracy
Lesson 4 – Rock & Roll Gymnastics
Lesson 5 – Balloon Blasting
Lesson 6 – Jumping Combinations
Lesson 7 – Agility
Lesson 8 – King of the Cones
Lesson 9 – Agility
Lesson 10 – Flat Target Accuracy
Lesson 11 - Catching
Lesson 12 – Agility and Throws
Lesson 13 – Creative Movement
Lesson 14 – Sock Wars
Lesson 15 – Striking for Distance
Lesson 16 – Horizontal Climbing
Lesson 17 – Five to One
Lesson 18 – Reaction Wall
Lesson 19 – Throwing Techniques
Lesson 20  - Lily Pad Jump
Lesson 21 - Basic Shapes in Gymnastics
Lesson 22 – Treasure Chest
Lesson 23 – Orienteering
Lesson 24 – Gym Shapes and Travel
Lesson 25 – Directions Through Dance