Mrs Sloan is a keen Scientist.  On this page she has added different videos to teach you how to create your own exciting Science experiments at home.

Cartesian Diver

Watch this video to learn how to make a Cartesian Diver. Mrs Sloan will explain the Science behind how to make your Diver float and sink.


Scribble Robot

Learn how to make a scribble robot with Mrs Sloan (adults - the resources needed in this video can be purchased from many online selling sites).


Volcanic eruption

Ever wanted to make a volcano erupt? Well, now you can.  Watch this video and Mrs Sloan will explain how.



Enjoy using red cabbage to make potions with Mrs Sloan.


Hologram Pyramid

Here, Mrs Sloan teaches you how to make a hologram pyramid.


The Magnus Effect

Mrs Sloan has created this video for you about The Magnus Effect.