Parents Views

"What a different boy we have at home now – Thank you for your hard work and patience with him" Mr A

“Thank you to all the staff at Repton Manor for helping A and H settle into school. They look forward going to school everyday.” Mrs S

“You’ve probably gathered how happy all our children are at Repton Manor. They are not just happy but all of them are blossoming in every way. They are more confident and amazing children in your amazing school. You know what a big decision it was for me…well we just haven’t looked back.” Mrs F

“I was really impressed with the fantastic atmosphere with the school and the way in which you quickly transformed it into not just a centre of learning, but a central point for the whole community.” M Whiting – Cabinet Member for Education, Learning and Skills

“I have been astonished by the care you and your team show to the children and each other and it really shows in the pride the children have for their class mates and the school.“ Mrs T

“I am blown away!! It’s a different kid I have!! He loves the fact he can choose a different book every day and he gets the appropriate recognition for doing well!! Brilliant!” Mr S

“We just wanted to thank all the staff at Repton Manor Primary School. I am amazed at the great progress B has made since joining in October. He loves being at school and tells me its "just like being at home, being part of a family". I feel the great sense of community that runs throughout the school from both staff and pupils, makes Repton Manor very special.” Mr&Mrs J

What do new parents to our school think of us?

“This is a fantastic school and it would be the best school for our child.”

“Loved the school ethos and the environment of the whole school.”

“The school is very close to home and we were impressed with the Early Years department.”

“After visiting the school and talking with the Head, we feel that the ethos and vision of this school is both exciting and secure.”

“Upon visiting Repton Manor Primary School, we feel that the warm, caring ethos of the school suits our child’s personality and feel it is the best school in the area to bring out her full potential. Our child loved the school when we viewed it, and she instantly felt comfortable and at home there. It was evident that the teachers really wanted to know each child and understand all of their individual quirks and traits. We are so keen for her to attend Repton Manor and very impressed with everything we know about it so far, including the environment they learn in, the education they receive and the development of the children’s characters.”

“This school is new, inclusive and has an ethos that suits our family. They use Read, Write Inc. and I like this phonics method as a way for teaching Literacy.”

“This is a brand new school with an already fantastic reputation and facilities.”

“I have heard some very positive feedback regarding this school and believe my son would be very happy there. The school also provides a breakfast and after school club which is important to my needs.”

“We have been told that this school has a strong team of teachers and Headmaster in place and in the short time since opening it has achieved good results.”

“After looking at many schools this just felt right. A nursery will be opened by the time our child starts so his younger brother could enrol in preparation for school. We can walk. I liked the vision of the school and the pupils all seemed very happy and eager to show us what they were doing, as were the teachers. I also, very much, liked the opinions and approach of the head teacher.”

“Although geographically this is not the closest school, they endeavour to provide a family ethos, were the child is cared for, listened to , and valued as an individual. As parents we feel this is important. They make every effort to make learning enjoyable and rewarding. It is a new school, which is well equipped and offers up to date technology. They have after school and during school activities/clubs. They also have additional facility of having breakfast and after school clubs, which as working parents is beneficial.”

Parents View September 2019

* 116 responses to paper questionnaire

* some responses equate to less than 116 due to no response on questionnaire. 

    Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 My child enjoys school 86 29 1  
2 The school keeps my child safe 99 16   1
3 The school informs me about my child's progress 77 39    
4 My child is making enough progress at this school  82 31 2  
5 The teaching is good at this school 97 19    
6 The school helps me to support my child’s learning 80 35 1  
7 The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle 73 39 4  
8 The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future (for example, changing year group, changing school, and for children who are finishing school, entering further or higher education, or entering employment) 91 24 1  
9 The school meets my child’s particular needs 87 26 1  
10 The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 73 36 4  
11 The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns 66 43 1 1
12 The school is led and managed effectively 85 30 1  
13 Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school 97 19    

"Where I strongly disagree I do not feel this is due to the school but my child."

“We have been very happy and impressed at how quickly the team made the school feel established and cohesive. We are very pleased that T has settled well and been taught at a suitable and challenging level.”

"M thoroughly enjoys Repton Manor Primary School and delights in receiving medals and certificates and tries super hard with home learning to then show her work off at school. All this is “thanks” to the school."

“We would like to say Matthew Rawling and his team are an excellent example at schooling at its best. The staff are motivated, enthusiastic, caring, supportive and professional. We couldn’t wish for our son to be in a more suitable environment. This school is exceptional – one in a million and would be the perfect place for any child to develop.”

"We are very happy to be part of Repton Manor Primary School and are very impressed by the staff’s expertise and enthusiasm."

“We are extremely happy that we moved our child to this school. He now enjoys school (which he used to hate) and is progressing at a much faster rate than he did before. We cannot praise the school and staff enough.”

"I am exceptionally happy with everything the school provides for my daughter. She has grown in ability & confidence since she began the school. She is very proud to be a member of this amazing school."

“This school has been a refreshing delight. I cannot fault one thing and am extremely happy that we chose to move our children to Repton Manor.”

"I am very happy with the school. My child has enjoyed coming here every single day of the year. He has done really well and the teachers have identified his potential and harnessed it. The staff are very enthusiastic and energetic. I am particularly happy with how they encourage home learning. Overall, I’m glad my child is at Repton Manor. And last but not the least, Mr Rawling is a brilliant head teacher."

“Both our children have made exceptional progress since moving to this school. The care provided to every child is amazing along with the dedication of all staff and supporting staff.”

"Since joining Repton Manor Primary School all 3 of my children have blossomed both socially and academically. Mr Rawling is an inspirational head teacher whom the children love, respect and look up to. This is reflected through the rest of the teaching staff and provides an amazing school for our children to learn in. All the children feel special and part of the ‘school family’."

“D loves coming to school and is very proud to say she goes to Repton Manor. Well done and thank you.”

"G has progressed more in the nine months at Repton than she did in an entire year at her previous school. Well done and thank you."

“I am very pleased with L’s progress at school. He is very happy and enjoys school life at Repton. As a parent I was anxious for my children to start school but I am so happy and confident in the staff and Mr Rawling. They are doing a great job.”

"I could not be more happy with Repton Manor, A really enjoys school and is coming on tremendously. All the staff are enthusiastic and very helpful, Mr Rawling is a great head and has a great relationship with the children and parents."

“Cannot fault one thing with this amazing friendly school. Any concerns are dealt with and it has proven to be the best school for E’s progress. Am very happy we moved our children to Repton Manor.”

"We are extremely happy with the school. Thank you!"

“As a new school, I was a little anxious of this being my child’s first school due to no reputation or Ofsted report, but after all the support given, the ‘family feel’, I could not pick a better school in Ashford. At the time of looking at a school place I viewed 11, and watching the school grow from the foundations to the happy environment it is has been a lovely experience!! The children all seem happy, the teachers do an amazing job & Mr Rawling is an outstanding headteacher – really getting involved with the children and families. I have praised the school to all my friends and definitely advised them in visiting Repton Manor as possible school for their children. With hard work and a lots of fun, my daughter loves school and is a different child.”

"We are absolutely thrilled with E’s progress at Repton Manor. It is a wonderful school! It is a credit to the whole school team that they have taken a new empty building and turned it into a wonderful place of learning with a real sense of community. We have found it to be incredibly welcoming for pupils and parents alike and are incredibly pleased we took the decision to move E here. She is motivated, engaged and absolutely loves school – what more could we ask?!"

“I love Repton Manor Primary School!! Keep up the excellent work you all do!”

"Overall Repton Manor has exceeded all expectations that schools offer. My daughter could not be happier to be a part of the Repton Manor Family. I believe that over the on coming years this school will go from strength to strength. The teachers, governors and ALL the staff are fantastic. I am so proud my daughter is part of this school."

“Brilliant school. T struggled in his last school in Cornwall. Since we have moved to Kent and he started this school he is so happy and is doing brilliantly in all areas, much better than we ever expected.”