Repton Manor Primary School Curriculum


Curriculum Intent:

At Repton Manor Primary School, we strive to create an exciting, meaningful and challenging curriculum for all children, where excellent teaching inspires excellent learning across all subjects; a curriculum with nurture at the heart, where strong relationships promote excitement in learning and outstanding outcomes to prepare all children for a positive future.

At the heart of everything that we do at Repton Manor Primary School is our nurturing ethos, which truly has children at its centre.  Our nurturing ethos drives our curriculum development.  We received our nurture accreditation in 2019 and we are very proud to be the first school in Ashford to do so.  We believe that in order to learn, children need to be emotionally strong and resilient.  Therefore, a core principle behind all learning at Repton Manor is the development of the whole child.  We believe that every child has to recognise that they are safe, happy and loved to learn well. We ensure that our children are at the centre of all that we do and that they recognise their own importance in our school family. A child’s self-esteem and self-concept is essential to their success.  This is the main driving force behind our entire curriculum at Repton Manor.

We are very proud of our curriculum.  It is continually reviewed and evaluated, by our whole school community, not least the children themselves, to ensure that it reflects the needs of all of our children, their families and our community.  We constantly strive to offer the best learning opportunities for our children.

With our children at the heart of all of our decisions and actions, it is no surprise that our curriculum vision recognises the impact that our children will have on their own future.  Our children are our future and we will do all that we can to equip them with the skills and knowledge that they need to build themselves a positive one.  We value each child as an individual, each with a unique potential for learning. Our aim is to prepare every child for life beyond Repton, providing them with an exciting and empowering curriculum with the skills, knowledge and values that equips them for today, tomorrow and beyond.


Repton Manor Primary School Curriculum Vision

We believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside.
Our curriculum nurtures:

  • A magical sense of awe and wonder.
  • Children who are rich in mental wealth.
  • Children who are masters of their own learning.

Curriculum Team Visions

Our curriculum is organised into five curriculum teams, each with their own unique vision:

The Humanities:
We inspire children to have an ongoing and growing curiosity to develop an understanding of our world and what shapes it.
Through The Humanities curriculum we:

  • Ignite a desire to enquire through memorable experiences.
  • Foster mutual respect and tolerance of people, places and perceptions.
  • Inspire critical thinking to question and challenge.

The Sciences:
We aim to build curiosity about our children’s place in the world, how it works and inspire them to look to the future with excitement and the ability to take risks and problem solve.
Through The Sciences curriculum we:

  • Give opportunities to interconnect our knowledge, explore and ask why.
  • Build strong foundations in subject knowledge.
  • Build on successes and failures to find solutions.

The Arts:
Our children are given the opportunity to creatively express themselves.  Passionate adults engage, inspire and challenge through The Arts.
Through The Arts curriculum we use:

  • Art to explore and experiment.
  • Dance and drama to express.
  • Music to reflect.

Communication and Language:
A child took a stroll through the Repton Manor wood, the child saw a book and the book looked good.
The child read the book and met:

  • An owl who developed the child’s voice and communication.
  • A snake who inspired a joy of language and literature.
  • A fox who taught the child to be bold, brave and free.

Mental Wealth + Physical Health:
We teach our children to recognise if they are mentally and physically healthy.
Our Mental Wealth and Physical Health curriculum allows chn to:

  • Recognise if / how to get help.
  • Prepare for lifetime wellness.


Curriculum Implementation:

At Repton Manor Primary School, we implement the 2014 National Curriculum statutory requirements in Years 1 - 6. Each subject contains essential knowledge, understanding and skills which every child should have, whilst ensuring it is motivating, fun, relevant and creative – with an emphasis on attainment and enjoyment.  Community involvement is a central part of our curriculum, families are constantly invited into school to participate in sharing and celebrating experiences and forging strong relationships within the Repton community.




At Repton Manor Primary School, we believe that children learn best when subject matter is related to content that engages and excites them.  We, alongside our wonderful children, have worked very hard to design a curriculum which is fun and exciting and which supports, challenges and extends all of our children’s learning.  We believe that the best way to do this is through the teaching of inspiring topics, which reinforce basic skills and which lead to high achievement for all.  We have worked hard to design unique Topics which ensure that children cover a wide range of skills and knowledge during their time at Repton Manor Primary School.

Our children are very much involved in, and at the heart of, the planning of our curriculum.  When designing our unique Topic curriculum, we did so around the needs and interests of the children that attend Repton Manor Primary School.  We have aimed to create a curriculum which:


  • Has nurture at the heart of everything we do
  • Fully engages all pupils
  • Provides meaningful learning opportunities through experiences that children remember and talk about
  • Prepares our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
  • Teaches our children key Life Skills e.g. independence, resilience, enquiry etc.
  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development of our children
  • Promotes the acquisition of core skills for learning
  • Provides depth in coverage of skills and knowledge in all subject areas
  • Enables children to see the links between subject areas
  • Allows children’s gifts and talents to be fully explored and celebrated
  • Encourages greater parental and community involvement
  • Encourages greater use of outdoor learning / a range of learning styles

At Repton Manor Primary School we love and wholeheartedly value the power of a good story.  We are a Storytelling school; the first in Kent, and our children’s ability to, but also their passion for, listening to, being transformed by and telling stories is key to how we feel they learn best.  For this reason, each of our Topics has a linked class reader which has been carefully selected to engage and inspire our children.  Stories, and storytelling principles, then form a key part of each part of our Topics.  For more information on Storytelling at Repton Manor, please see the Writing tab.

 Our children will experience a range of different Topics throughout their time at Repton Manor Primary School.  Wherever possible, we teach our foundation subjects through the Topics.  Not all subjects can naturally ‘fit’ within a Topic, though, and so, to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, these subjects are sometimes taught discretely.  For example, not everything in Religious Education links effectively within a Topic and so this can be taught separately, as a Topic of its own, but links are made whenever possible.

Our Mathematics lessons are taught discretely on a weekly basis, although, if possible, links are made with the Topics being studied.  Our English lessons are linked to our Topics and so children will read texts or stories related to their current Topic, or study different genres to write for a purpose linked to their Topic.  Our Science lessons are linked to Topics where possible.  Our Geography, History, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Music and Computing lessons are taught primarily through our Topic curriculum, although, where links cannot be made, certain aspects may be taught discretely in that term.   Foreign language lessons are taught in all classes in Key Stage 2.  All classes have weekly Physical Education lessons, which are linked to Topics where possible.


We believe that the weekly timetable should be flexible in order for learning to ‘flow’ and be meaningful for the children.  For this reason, our teachers plan their timetable each week according to the content being delivered.  For example, at the beginning of a Topic the timetable may focus more heavily around Reading, to allow the children to learn skills to research and to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, before moving onto perhaps an art project.  The timetable may then focus more heavily around Writing and Storytelling, for example, before moving onto maybe a Music project.  We do not have a weekly timetable which we stick to – our lessons are planned fluidly around the needs of our children and how we believe they will learn the content the best.  We carefully plan how much time we give to each learning activity.  At Repton Manor we do not complete activities because they fill a slot in a timetable – but rather because we believe they are key for developing the learning of our children.  Quite often activities are extended and require a sequence of lessons in order to be completed.


In order to create Awe and Wonder throughout our Topics, each Topic follows the following format:

Stunning Start:

Each Topic begins with a Stunning Start, where teachers introduce the Topic to the children in an exciting way.  This could be through a trip, a visitor, or a scene or    experience created at Repton Manor.

Class Reader:

Our Class Reader is a huge part of each Topic.  Our teachers select texts which they know our children will love and enjoy and they engage the children in these      texts expertly.  Often the sharing of the class reader is the part of the day which our children most look forward to.


Big Challenges / Big Questions:

All of the learning that the children are asked to complete in their lessons will have a purpose and a real-life meaning which is relevant for our children.  We feel that our children should know why they are learning various skills and that they should learn for a purpose.  In each Topic, the children are presented with a variety of Big Challenges / Questions to solve.  These give an exciting purpose to the children’s learning.  Often, the children will become involved in planning the Topic as they will explore what they need to learn in order to solve the Big Challenge or to answer the Big Question.  The children learn various skills, in a variety of subject areas, in order to complete these challenges.  They then plan how they will best answer their Big Answer.


Inspiring lessons:

All of our lessons have a purpose for the children.  The children will always be aware of why it is important to learn the various skills or knowledge that they are being taught.  Often, they will need the skills and knowledge to solve their Big Challenge / Question.  Our skilled teachers think carefully about their children’s interests and needs when planning their lessons and they deliver lessons which engage children and excite them.  The lessons are delivered using a variety of learning styles and the needs of all learners are planned for in depth.

Marvellous Middle:

The middle of each Topic is celebrated with a Marvellous Middle.  This is another event which inspires the children and which keeps the Topic alive for the children.  Sometimes, the Marvellous Middle can involve a visitor or a trip, and other times it could involve an event or a production which the children are working towards.

Fabulous Finish:

Each Topic ends with a Fabulous Finish, where the children are given opportunities to present their learning in interesting and varied ways.  The Fabulous Finish is the finale to all of our Topics.  This usually involves the children working towards a grand sharing of the learning that they have produced in their Topics.  It could involve a production or an event led by the children.  Often, the Fabulous Finish will involve parents and / or the community.

Learning Environment:

Our teachers create awe and wonder for the children through the learning environment which they create inside and outside of the classrooms.  Each classroom door is decorated for the current Topic.  Often, the children are involved in creating this design and in decorating their classroom Topic door.  Throughout the term, the classrooms are then transformed into the Topic being taught.  The children’s amazing learning is celebrated on display and book areas are often created to fit the theme.  Our corridors are also transformed by our children’s Topic learning.  At the end of each Topic, the children plan with the teachers which learning they would like to display in the corridors, and they then work as a team to create these fabulous displays.

In addition to this, we are lucky enough to have some amazing outdoor areas for our children to learn in.  We have employed an Outdoor Learning Tutor who works with groups and classes of children to inspire outdoor learning.  We have our own environment area within the school with a mini orchard area, a pond and a wildflower meadow.  We currently have plans for an outdoor classroom also, complete with its own fire pit.  We are lucky enough to have direct access to an area of establish land which belongs to the Repton Connect Community Centre, and we have helped them to secure lottery funding for a yurt which we will be able to use soon too.

We are extremely lucky to have a very modern school building which has been built with many internal courtyard areas.  We have put these to good use and the courtyards have now been transformed to the following areas:

  • A sensory garden
  • A growing garden
  • A construction area
  • Outdoor learning spaces for our Year 1 children for Child Initiated learning
  • Quite outdoor learning spaces
  • A library pod
  • An art and DT courtyard, complete with a cooker and pottery wheel
  • A DT workshop where our children learn to safely use machines for cutting, sawing drilling, etc.


Home Learning:

Our children complete some amazing Home Learning projects with their families.  Each term they are given a choice of learning activities, encompassing a variety of learning styles, for their Home Learning.  These are all centred around their Topic.  Some of these tasks will be practical, but all will require the children to learn in different ways and to demonstrate a variety of different skills across different subject areas.  We encourage our children to choose tasks which require different learning styles for each Topic as we hope that not only will it encourage them to develop skills in new areas, but it will also enable them to showcase areas that they have particular strengths and talents in.


See below for an outline of our current Topics.  Please click on each Topic Title to view our Medium Term Plans which will give you more information of the subjects and curriculum links for each topic.



Year R Getting To Know You Traditional Tales Celebrations Alien Worlds I Am A Superhero Park Rangers All At Sea
A chance for the new Reception children to get to know each other, their likes and dislikes and the routines within their new school. A very special storyteller visitor has muddled all of her stories. Can the children learn them in time and become storytellers themselves? The children learn about celebrations around the world, creating their own festival. As Christmas approaches, elves arrive to set the children different challenges. Some aliens have crash landed on the school field. Will the children be able to build a suitable rocket to enable the aliens to get home?
Can the children solve the weekly missions in order to become a real life superhero? I wonder what their superpowers will be!
A park ranger needs the children’s help to look after the animals in the park. Will they be able to keep the animals safe and grow, look after and release the Repton butterflies? Can they hatch and look after their own baby ducklings before releasing them to their forever home? Can the children earn their pirate status by gaining their pirate’s licence? Only the pirates can grant this special licence which will be needed to attend the Repton Pirate Day.


Year 1:



Year 1
Way Back When Explorers Animal Magic

This topic will see the children travel way back in time and explore the differences between Toys, Music and Movies from the past. The children will create their own toy museum and determine whether they prefer toys from the past or the toys of the day. They will venture into the past and look at the old techniques used to make movies and how they can use these skills to retell a traditional tale. Finally, the children will learn about music through the decades and explore how making music and listening to music has changed over the years. They will then think about whether a band from the past could have been good enough to win a music competition andwhether it could be better than music made today.

The children will become explorers of their local environment and widen their knowledge of the world around them. They will learn how to create and to read basic maps, then they will use maps to find out about their local area and the people who live there. The children will then explore the UK and the countries that make it, learning about traditions, capital cities and landmarks, whilst immersing themselves in history. Lastly, they will broaden their understanding of the world learning about the world’s 5 oceans and 7 continents. We will explore Kenya in Africa to find similarities and differences to England, looking at weather, school, housing, people and animals.


The children will deepen their understanding of the Big Five by researching and creating fact files about these amazing animals. They will meet an Explorer who has travelled across the world and they will learn about lots of different species of animal. The children will help our explorer by becoming Scientists and by gathering information on the different animal classes. They will then report back to the explorer on her travels. They will have to use their knowledge and creative minds when making their very own moving animal puppet and clay models.


Year 2:


Year 2 The Lost World Superheroes Into the Woods
We have our very own Archaeologists in school! Can the children discover what happened to the dinosaurs by uncovering and exploring the bones and fossils found in the excavation site? Can they master all of the skills needed to become a world class explorer and then demonstrate these skills to train their apprentices in order to find the fossils? Will they be able to guide Father Christmas safely through The Lost World in order to save Christmas and deliver his presents? Can the children complete ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ in order to become real life Superheroes? Will they become superhero masters by learning about heroes in our community and in history? All Superheroes need a costume and a cape; we look forward to seeing our Repton Superheroes in their catwalk show. All children will investigate different materials in order to create the perfect superhero costume for a toy.
If you go down to the woods today, what will you find? What will the children discover on their journey through the woods in the different seasons? The children will learn what is needed to grow their own plant successfully and put into practise what they have learnt.


Year 3:


YEAR 3 Stone, Fire and Ice Chocolate Brave
The children will be journeying back in time to the Stone Age where they will learn about how different Britain was during that time by studying historic sites such as Skara Brae and Stonehenge.  In addition, they will learn what it was like to be an actual hunter gatherer and employ a range of DT skills. They will work as a team to build shelters, before learning how to tie knots and lash wood together so that they can make their own tools and evaluate their effectiveness, using their knowledge of rocks and their properties.  They will also explore cave paintings typical of the Neolithic period in order that they can create their own using different mediums - in particular charcoal and oil pastels.  Through learning the story of Mary Anning, the children will discover all about fossils and how they are formed.  After half term, the learning will move on to looking at the Ice Age and comparing the Earth at that time with the frozen regions of our world today.  The children will learn to locate the Arctic and Antarctica, and about the animals that live there, before putting everything that they have learnt into a Powerpoint presentation.  The final part of this topic will focus on light.  They will be investigating light sources and how light travels as well as looking into how light is important in different religions. This topic will start off with one of the most famous children’s books of all time – Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  The children will be following Charlie’s journey through Mr. Wonka’s factory whilst at the same time designing and creating their very own chocolate bar which could have been produced in their very own inventing room.  Next, the children will embark on a journey back in time to find out how chocolate was discovered. They will be learning about the Aztecs and following the journey of chocolate through time to find out how it became the delicious treat we enjoy so much today. They will be learning about Hernan Cortes and studying his journey from Spain to South America, where he discovered “The Food of the Gods” and brought it back to Europe.  Chilli was one of the first ingredients in Aztec chocolate, so we will be growing our own chilli plants and investigating the life cycle of plants and what they need to grow effectively.  They will also be learning more about what Fairtrade means and looking closely at how life in Ghana can be very different to life in Ashford.
The children will be learning about all things Roman, including having a Roman feast! They will be learning about the different myths and Gods from Roman times and then writing their own myth.  In addition, we will be learning about Roman culture and what made the Romans one of the most successful colonies to date. The children will explore the ancient city of Rome, learning about some of the most famous monuments and architecture.  Mosaics adorned the floors of many Roman buildings, so the children will be creating their own versions.  We will learn about The Roman Army, including armour and weaponry, and then follow their invasion paths through Europe, with a particular focus on the Roman occupation of Britain.  We will investigate the influence that the Romans had on our local area including roads, as well as other famous Roman sites in Britain.   Additionally, the children will be learning about some of the different things they invented; using this to inspire them when creating their own Roman dances.


Year 4:


Year 4  Dreams Hike to Hogwarts Ancient Greece
This topic begins with the BFG where we look at what dreams children would like to achieve in their lifetime. We then look at famous people who have achieved their dreams like Martin Luther King, whose dream was to end segregation. The children get a chance to study the history of the Civil Rights Movement by learning about what happened and the people who helped to change the world. We also explore the work of Salvador Dali and how he used dreams to create surrealist art. This is an exciting topic where we delve into the world of Harry Potter to explore the similarities and differences between Hogwarts and our school. We will make potions and wands to incorporate our science learning and compose a piece of mood music to accompany our Hogwarts room design.
We step back in time to Ancient Greece and investigate the lifestyles and beliefs of the people by reading Greek myths, making our own Greek pots and seeing how their way of life has impacted on ours in the modern day.


Year 5:


Year 5 Survival Ancient Egypt Crime and Punishment
An exciting start to the year, where only the most daring survive. We will take to the deserts, jungles and out of space, where we will explore what real survival means! We will be looking at true stories, as well as following advice from real experts through a variety of cross-curricular ways. In this Topic, which is new to the school, we will be travelling through time to Ancient Egypt. As explorers, we will interpret the true meaning of hieroglyphics, to understand their daily lives - from life, death and even after life. 
For the Summer Term, we will become detectives...our very own Sherlock Holmes! We will follow clues to investigate and form conclusions on a variety of cases that span throughout history. What was it like to be a slave? What was it like to be a witch? What gruesome ways were crimes dealt with throughout history? Step into Year 5 to find out...if you dare.


Year 6:


Year 6 Battles that have shaped our world The Unexplained Our Perfect Planet Lights, Camera, Action!
In the fascinating topic we will examine how the modern world has been shaped by the conflicts of our past. We will consider the struggles for power, the quest for equality, personal battles that have been won and epic battles that have been lost. In this wonderful topic, we will investigate the unexplained phenomenon that have fascinated us over the decades. What really happened to the Mary Celeste? As investigators, we will explore questions such as this, researching and presenting evidence and debating and discussing theories, as we attempt to unravel some great mysteries.
In this exciting and thought-provoking topic, we will be exploring the incredible planet that we all inhabit. We will look at how everything about our world - its size, its distance from the Sun, its spin and tilt, its moon - is perfectly suited to our existence, and how our planet's natural forces perfectly nurture life. We will focus on climate change, environmental conservation and how we, the most influential life forms to occupy Earth, have impacted upon it. Once we have acquired the knowledge needed, we will begin to plot a path to protect our perfect planet This is where we will plan our end of year production. It will be chosen by the Year 6 children and we will set about creating a script, props, masks and scenery. We will work together, choreograph dances and preform in front of a large audience.


Curriculum Impact:

Our children shape our curriculum, they are involved from the very beginning stages of planning the Topics, they help to decide the content to be taught and how it is taught, they help structure the flow and sequence of lessons, they help to decide how they will present their learning, they complete displays to celebrate their learning and they help to evaluate the curriculum throughout each topic, giving extremely valuable feedback to our staff.  Therefore, the best way to see the impact of our curriculum is to speak to our children.  Our children really are the leaders of their own future and they will be more than happy to tell you about their learning.  We are proud that all of our children, regardless of their ability, excel in their learning and show a high level of resilience and autonomy.  When you speak with our children you will see that our curriculum values every child and nurtures all of their needs – academic, personal and social.

Malala Yousafzai said “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”  Through our curriculum we strive to provide our children with the life skills and experiences that they need to grow into kind, caring and responsible citizens of the future and with the independence, confidence and resilience to change their world.

If you would like to find out any more about our Topic curriculum, please ask any of our children or staff or contact the curriculum leader, Mrs Chambers.