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Wear it Pink Day

Friday 23rd October 2015

We are raising money for breast cancer.

Wear anything pink

Donate £1

5th October Newsletter

The children have enjoyed lots of messy play activities and Music and Movement. Over the next couple of week we will be learning about Autumn, if you have any books that may help us with this please bring them in. If you can also find any leaves, conkers, pine cones and other natural Autumn materials please bring them in as we like to use them to talk about and in art activities.


We haven't had many family tree photos, please find one we can share, as the children love to tell each other about their families.

21st September Newsletter

All children will be starting group times with their key person this week, so please look at the white board in lobby to see what your child is learning about. These activities have come from the interest your child has shown in the nursery, which leads to happy learning.


Please bring in a family photo, so we can begin to make our family tree, photos will be displayed inside the room for the children to talk about. Then we will move them into the lobby area, so please pick a photo you like!

6th May 2015 Newsletter

A big Thank you to Telmo’s mum for cooking with the children, they made some lovely salad and had it at the snack bar.

Art Exhibition - Friday 22nd May

Art Exhibition - Friday 22nd May, 2-3pm in the Small Hall

Please come and purchase your child’s individual canvas artwork for £3

All monies raised will go to the Nepal Earthquake Aid

20th April 2015 Newsletter


The children will be learning about planting and mini-beasts. Spending lots of time in the garden with bug finding equipment and talking about what they have seen. Please bring in any bug fact books you may have at home to share with the whole group. Also this week Telmo’s Mum will be coming to do some Portuguese's cooking with the children.

19th January 2015 Newsletter


The children have been walking around the community, meeting shop owners and exploring the parks within Repton, we are encouraging the children to know their surroundings, and discuss places they know. So if you see us out on our adventures, remember to wave.

Stay and Play session

A BIG Thank you to all parents/ Guardians that attended the stay and play session, we really feel this has supported the children in their transition in the nursery.

Here are a few parent comments from the day:

Fantastic friendly atmosphere.

Lovely open space, warm welcome and a good selection of activities.

Really nice staff, friendly and helpful."

Really great nursery and really looking forward to being a part of it.


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